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Challenge 16: Colours - The Colours of His Life. Fic by Flubber2kool. Art by christinchen.

Title: The Colors Of His Life.
Author: flubber2kool
Artist: christinchen
Pairing: Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett
Rating: G
Summary: Carson reflects on the colours that have been part of his life.
Challenge: Challenge 016 - Colors for artword

Read the story HERE

click to view large

I would like to thank phenix00 for being my beta.

I would also like to thank my artist christinchen . She has done a really good job for me.

A/N The art is attached to this page. If you would like to leave a comment for the artist then please go to the link at the bottom of my story and that will take you where you can leave comments on the art. My artist also did a cover for this story. You will see this when you read the story.

This is my first time doing this so please bare with me if I have made any mistakes putting the story and art up on the community. I hope that you enjoy reading the story and looking at the art.
Tags: 016 - colors, art: covers, art: original art, artist: christinchen, author: flubber2kool, fandom: stargate: atlantis, pairing: carson/rodney

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