like a glorious car crash in iambic pentameter (iambickilometer) wrote in artword,
like a glorious car crash in iambic pentameter

Challenge #16 (colours); fic by iambickilometer, vid by kiki_miserychic

vid title: Fiddle and the Drum
music: cover by A Perfect Circle
summary: We have all come to fear the beating of John Sheppard's drum.

download links, streaming, and notes

fic title: Nowhere in the Corridors (or Things That Go Thump in the Night)
genre: gen
rating: pg
wordcount: 1,363
summary: Radek can't see like everyone else can, but he can see things they can't.

"Atlantis is never silent."

We decided to work on the challenge separately, coming together at the end. We went forth, iambickilometer with the word and kiki_miserychic with the art, using "nowhere in the corridors, pale green and gray/ nowhere in the suburbs, in the cold light of day" from Peter Gabriel's song "Mercy Street" as our starting point.
Tags: 016 - colors, art: videos, artist: kiki_miserychic, fandom: stargate: atlantis, pairing: none (gen)

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