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016: Sub Rosa, fic by Marcelo, cover by Ringspells

Title: Sub Rosa
Author: __marcelo
Artist: ringspells
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Post finale.
Wordcount: About 150 words.
Characters: Team.

Summary: No place on Earth is theirs.

Notes: It's a Colours challenge, so ringspells said, "Pink!" Inspired by that, __marcelo wrote the fic, which in turn inspired ringspells's art, which wasn't pink in the end. Funny how that went.

They never speak about it. Not in Atlantis, not in San Francisco, not back at the SGC. Not even when they have dinner in one of their flats, or while they are showing Earth to Ronon and Teyla like awkward lovers introducing an ex.

They help Earth understand Atlantis. Some bits of it. Some of the tech. Some of the courage. Not what it means to the people of Pegasus, because Terrans wouldn't understand, and not what it means to them, because they could, and then they would know.

They do their jobs. They follow most orders and disobey when expected. They are dedicated, smart, conscientious, capable. Good soldiers and helpers of soldiers, a brick in the wall that defends Earth.

And late at night, when they finally sleep, Atlantis speaks to them in their dreams, and through her they speak with each other. Late at night they are home.

They just need to figure out how to take home where it belongs.

Tags: 016 - colors, art: covers, artist: ringspells, author: __marcelo, fandom: stargate: atlantis, pairing: none (gen)

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