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Challenge 003. 
02/21/06 - 00:51
merlin - of the sky
Challenge 003

This time around challenges A and B have the same prompts. The prompts are 4 pieces of music which I edited to be around 1:10mn each. I tried to choose songs which could lead to as many genres as possible, such as AU, syrup, angst, character study or porn for example (not that writers usually need help with the latter) or represent as many different characters as possible.

DOWNLOAD down at the moment
zip - 2.17Mb
Inside: 4 mp3's, 1 html page with the lyrics.
Warnings: Cursing and NC17 vocabulary in number 4.

Details for challenge A

Team up.
» The writer: from a ficlet to a novel, any genres, any pairing, any rating. Choose one of the four pieces of music with your partner, and be inspired by the atmosphere and/or the lyrics. The lyrics (if any) don't have to be in the fic.
» The artist: Choose one of the four pieces of music with your partner, and make either a wallpaper illustrating the fic (1024x768 and/or 1280x1024), or a video trailer using the chosen piece of music (30 seconds to 2 minutes, title of the fic and credits have to appear, you can add other sounds such as bits of dialogs but not another piece of music).

Details for challenge B

Team up.
» The writer: Write a drabble for each of the pieces of music. The lyrics (if any) don't have to be in them.
» The artist: Make a collage for each of the drabbles (size is up to you, but not wallpaper or poster size), or make a vidbite for each of the drabbles (from 5 to 20 seconds) using every time the corresponding piece of music (no title, no credits, just video. See an example here)


If you'd like to enter, comment to this post. If you're already in a team, tell me so. If you'd like to enter but don't know anyone to team up with, then comment below and say if you're looking for a writer/fan artist, or reply to someone else's comment saying you'd like to work with them...
A team can enter both challenges. You can enter each challenge twice, but with a different partner every time.

Once you're done, post both the fic and art in the same post (links can go to your personal journal), and remember to tag the entry. Feel free to post your fic or art in other relevant communities but remember to mention that it was done for this challenge.

02/20/06 - 17:12 (UTC)
Eeeeee! I'm so excited and can't wait to get started. I'll get back to you re: partners as soon as I've spoken to the respective peeps.


...oh, and downloading prompt. Thanks muchly.
02/20/06 - 17:23 (UTC)
Pick me!! For Challenge A, please! ;)

Also, will be downloading prompts as soon as I get home.
02/20/06 - 17:29 (UTC)
I wouldn't mind joining i this challenge - more of an artist than a fic person possibly - but I can do both - not attempted fic in SGA as yet. Anyone want to partner up with me?
02/21/06 - 08:30 (UTC)
I'd like to :)
This sounds really interesting! Can't wait to get started!
02/20/06 - 17:57 (UTC)
Signing up, as a fan artist, if any writer would have me. Either challenges are good.
02/20/06 - 18:41 (UTC)
I'm quite interested by challenge B from a writers pov, if you're still interested.
02/20/06 - 20:01 (UTC)
Count me in ! I'm joining as a fanartist, any writer needs one…?
02/25/06 - 04:51 (UTC)
Matchmaking you with aesc here.
02/20/06 - 21:33 (UTC)
signing up as an art-person, working with trinityofone :)
02/21/06 - 01:25 (UTC)
I'm interested! I'm a lonely writer, looking for a artist person to work with.
02/21/06 - 01:40 (UTC)
take me?
02/21/06 - 01:27 (UTC)
downloading everything (music and example vid)...*excited squee*... I love this community!!
02/21/06 - 11:25 (UTC)
are you working with anyone? Because if not, there are still two people looking for a writer :)
02/21/06 - 05:40 (UTC)
Artsy person looking for writers? *blinks*
02/24/06 - 19:05 (UTC)
Matchmaking you with deiann here
02/22/06 - 13:20 (UTC)
Hello. :) A newbie writer here, looking for an artist to teamp up with. :) I'd be willing to give a go for the drabbles in challenge B. :) What is the max. length of a drabble? 100 words? Below 500?
I must clarify that I have written very little, mostly school stuff and two rather embarrasing Star Wars ficlets which have been read only by my best friend. ;)
So the end result might not be earth shattering, but I promise to try my best. :)

02/24/06 - 19:10 (UTC)
A drabble is 100 words, and I'm matchmaking you with ginaeon who's looking for a writer... here
02/24/06 - 17:44 (UTC) - Favor?
Hey, is there any way you could send me full versions of tracks 1 & 4? I really like to listen to music and have it inspire me while I write (which is one reason this is such a fab idea for a challenge) and I'd love to have something a bit longer and meatier to latch onto. Unless that's cheating, of course. ;-)
02/24/06 - 17:45 (UTC) - Re: Favor?
D'oh. I meant tracks 1 & *3*. I'm already all over the Damien Rice.
(Deleted comment)
02/25/06 - 02:56 (UTC)
Er, hi! This sounds like fun...

I guess I would be a writer in search of an artist, possibly for option A :)
02/25/06 - 04:50 (UTC)
Awesome. Because lazure is looking for a writer here
02/27/06 - 02:07 (UTC)
hey, I'm going to do this along with fan_this no clue if wer're doing part a or b yet...
02/27/06 - 02:31 (UTC)
okay, we're doing part B...any word limit on the drabble? because I suck at anything under 500 words or so...
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