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Guidelines and definitions

Purpose of the community:

An alliance between fanart and fanfiction: one fanartist, one fanfiction writer. Each challenge will give them a prompt. They will have to work together and come up with a piece of art (vid, poster, icons or comic strip) and a fic, each illustrating the other.

A few guidelines:

» One challenge's given every month. Members work in pairs (one fanartist and one writer).
» If a member is both a fanartist and a writer, he/she can work alone but teamwork is clearly preferred.
» A member can enter the same challenge twice as long as it is not with the same partner.
» If a member's both a fanartist and a writer, and the person he/she teams up with is also a fanartist and a writer, they can very well decide to work together on the art and the fic.
» Teams are made up of two persons only.
» When posting, give a descriptive title to your entry, use a comprehensive posting template, use a cut when posting any kind of art (small teasers are ok outside though). Always post the fic and the art teasers/descriptions in the same post in the community, however, links can point to your respective LJs.

Note: By comprehensive template, I mean: for fics, challenge number, name of the author, name of the artist you teamed up with ( link to art), title, pairing, genre, rating, warnings, etc. For art, challenge number, name of the artist, name of the writer you teamed up with ( link to fic), type of art (icons, poster, etc), resources.

General requirements for fics:

» Length: everything is accepted.
» Only completed fics.
» All ratings are allowed. G, PG, PG-13, NC-17.
» All pairings are allowed. M/F, F/F, M/M.
» All genres are allowed. AU. Gen. Character study. Crack!fic, etc.
» Quality: all fics should be beta-ed. No script form. (= no: *flashback* *end flashback* and stuff like this).

Definitions and general requirements for art:
» A collage is anything that is not wallpaper/cover/icon-sized.
» It can be any size you wish.
» It can have text as a graphic element, your own, or from the fic.

» Must have the name of the fic and the name of the writer.
» Optional: a quote from the fic.

Graphic novels.
» Only use caps allowed by the challenge, unless specified otherwise.
» Do not post a huge strip within the post, but link to the pic.

» Must meet LJ standards.
» Set of 10 icons. No more, no less.
» Include the quote from the fic which inspired each icon.

Original art.
» Size can be anything you want, and you can choose to make it fit another category like collage, icons, poster, etc...

Videos: trailers.
» Length: from 30 seconds to 1:30min. Not more.
» Quality: highest quality possible.
» Format: has to be structured as an actual trailer: video, text, music, even bits of dialogs, credits, etc...
» Music: unless the music is imposed in the challenge, you can choose your own music (with or without lyrics). If the piece is longer than the length of the trailer, edit it so it fits (try to avoid abrupt ending.) You also don't have to stick to one piece of music. You can have more than one as long as it serves the trailer and the pieces are edited right.

Videos: vids.
» Length: longer than 2mn.
» Quality: highest quality possible.
» Format: it doesn't have to be structured as a trailer, but title and author should appear at some point.

» 1024x768 or above.
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