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013 Dual by Jadesfire2808 and danceswithgary

Title: Subject to Interpretation
Author: jadesfire
Artist: danceswithgary
Challenge: 013: Dual
Word Count: ~10,900
Spoilers: Set directly after 'Missing', but before 'The Seer'.
Rating/Warnings: PG/None
Notes: The story link goes to my journal since a)it got a little longer than I'd intended and b)the pictures tell big parts of the story, so this way, no one accidentally spoils themselves. The last sentence of each part is a hyperlink to the next.

I can't thank danceswithgary enough, not only for the incredible artwork, but her enormous patience with this hopelessly blocked writer. The pictures were a huge inspiration to keep going when the words wouldn't come.

Summary: Teyla had long since abandoned the idea that she might be able to understand the motivations of the Ancestors. All she could do was accept and hope that something could be made of what they had left behind.

Sample art:


Subject to Interpretation
Tags: 013 - dual, art: collages, artist: danceswithgary, author: jadesfire2808, fandom: stargate: atlantis, pairing: none (gen)

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