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Have an idea for a challenge? 
07/30/08 - 09:28
merlin - of the sky
The month is almost over, and I have yet to find an interesting idea for a new challenge. No matter how I rub my braincells together, I still come up blank, so I thought it was as good a time as ever to create a post where you could suggest challenges.

When suggesting a challenge, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that the challenge is based on team work. It is what differentiates artword from the other challenges out there, so interlacing the work process of the writer and the artist is essential. In other words, the more interaction within the team, the better.

Thank you! \o/
07/30/08 - 09:05 (UTC)
Maybe something that doesn't highlight the medium, but a theme. Like say, flim noir.
07/30/08 - 10:55 (UTC)
You know, I had thought about something like that. Give a theme or a picture. I just have to figure out how to add a team twist to it so that it's not too similar to picfor1000 and sga_flashfic.
07/30/08 - 09:52 (UTC)
You could do a round robin style thing... though the time limits might prove a problem.

So what I mean is, the writer maybe starts a story and passes it to the artist, who draws/vids something and then the author finishes their story based on ideas from the art. It could be up to the pair as to how many times it goes back and forth or who starts.

Hopefully that makes sense. :)
07/30/08 - 11:04 (UTC)
Oh I like your idea. It could be really cool if done correctly. But you're right, the time limit would be a problem. Mmm. I'll have to think about it some more... I could always have a two month challenge.

It could work very well with comics for example:
1. The writer writes a few lines of dialog.
2. The artist turns it into a comic, and then add a few extra pictures with empty speech bubbles.
3. The writer completes the speech bubbles, and then continues the story further.
4. And so on...
07/30/08 - 14:47 (UTC)
Yep, or the artist just sketches a few small illustrations or makes an artwork with elements that are yet to appear in the fic. Or even the artist makes a 30 second vidlet with imagery... etc.
07/30/08 - 10:06 (UTC)
I'm possibly the equivalent of the person wandering in off the street, but I really want to take part in the next challenge, so thought the least I should do is start to contribute.

I tend to play word association to come up with ideas, so what about "dual" - a piece where you need both art and story to make sense of it. Either it kicks off with the art, which sets up the story, which is concluded by the art, or the art provides the pivotal plot point or conclusion or makes sense of something that was obscure in the story.

The other word that sprang to mind was 'balance' but I have no idea what to make of that, so we'll put that down to random neuron firing...
07/30/08 - 11:09 (UTC)
Eeee! I love the way your mind works. I'm really, really liking your idea of needing both art and story to make sense of the story. Mmm, me thinks you've come up with the next challenge. *start brainstorming*
07/30/08 - 11:14 (UTC)
*grins happily* I'm glad someone can use the contents of brain, since they're of little enough use to me most of the time...

Looking forward to it!
07/30/08 - 17:09 (UTC)
I love your idea! I commented on my LJ last night how I wanted to do something with this com for August! Jade your idea sounds awesome!

Can't wait to see whatever the com comes up with. I've been wanting to do something really different for a while now.
07/30/08 - 17:16 (UTC)
*beams* It was seeing your post that reminded me of the comm, so that's kinda neat! Like you, I really, really need a change, and this seems perfect.

We shall see what happens!
07/30/08 - 12:28 (UTC)
My suggestion is "classic". If the art re-works or incorporates classic works of art, frinst.
07/30/08 - 14:30 (UTC)
what about something that repositions the POV of a piece? I'm hoping this wouldn't be exactly like remixing a story in the last challenge - maybe it would? I will leave it to your modly powers to decide. But I was thinking of the artist taking a scene from a writer's work, illustrating so as to emphasize whomever is *not* the major protagonist / POV person, and then the writer exploring what the newly foregrounded character saw.

I don't even know if I'm expressing that well . . .
07/30/08 - 20:20 (UTC)
Just a thought here, but how about the theme of 'supporting cast'? That would bring in the folks most folks don't use: Zelenka, Biro, Grodin, etc.

08/05/08 - 01:26 (UTC)
I went back and looked at the previous challenges and kind of liked the idea of giving separate visual and textual prompts. To that end, I thought it might be interesting to do an Astronomy Picture of the Day challenge where the artist uses all or part of or simply take inspiration from the picture of the day and the author incorporates something from the text into their story.

For example, if we use the 08/22/06 entry, the author might have something about the smoke of a devastated village swirling around Sheppard like black angel wings and the artist could use the image to provide John's wings in a collage or what have you.
11/06/08 - 12:32 (UTC)
I just wanted to let you know that you idea is going to be the next challenge! \o/ Thank you for your great idea!
11/06/08 - 16:52 (UTC)
\O/ *happy dance*

If its any help, I compiled a list of APOD's that I personally thought were pretty cool:

11/14/08 - 23:29 (UTC)
That helps a lot. Thank you. I'm going to put together the post now. I should have the new challenge posted real soon. Thank you for your great idea! *hugs*
08/12/08 - 22:09 (UTC)
I'd like to suggest a 'colors' challenge. Both the art and the fiction would be built around a central color (or colors), the presence or absence of, the meaning of, the effect of - a collaborative effort.
01/25/09 - 22:00 (UTC)
Hey! I just want to let you know that I picked your suggestion for challenge 16. Thank you for this great idea! :)
01/25/09 - 22:02 (UTC)
01/13/09 - 21:05 (UTC)
Hi there!

Dunno if it's too specific, but what about a challenge where artist and author have to incorporate something from their hometown, region, country or maybe that of their artword partner?

I know, not everybody wants to tell all of elljay-land where they live, but that's why I suggested region or even country, too.
01/16/09 - 13:59 (UTC)
I was thinking of something like parts of the body like 'face' or 'eyes' or 'smile'. something like that maybe.

01/28/09 - 00:53 (UTC)
Perhaps a motif challenge, where the author takes a theme or metaphor and writes a story around it, and the artist illustrates it literally? For instance, a team might choose a descent/falling motif. The author would write a piece that visits and revisits, if not centering around, the concept that the Atlanteans are moving away from Ascension, becoming more confused and tied up in the tangible things - and then the artist provides an illustration depicting the main character actually falling.

I hope that made sense.
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