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Challenge 011: Illustrative typography.

Challenge 011 - June 2008 - Illustrative Typography.

The idea for challenge 11 first came to me when I was looking at a calligramme by Guillaume Apollinaire. For those who are not familiar with the term, a calligramme is a text (or poem) in which the words or letters make up a shape, particularly a shape connected to the subject of the text or poem.
Probably the most famous calligramme by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Can you tell where I'm going with this? This month, the words are the art, and the art are the words. Because it may prove to be too difficult and/or restricting to have only calligrammes, I'm going expand the challenge to illustrative typography. Let me show you a few examples so that you can have a better idea of what it consists of. Click on the thumbs to see bigger.
Static Dreams by realitywings. Here, the artist illustrated the lyrics of one of their favourite songs. The jump from lyrics to story is really, really small, don't you think?
This is a calligramme made by a high-school student from Belgium. Here, you have an example of a work made only of words (semantically linked, or liked together by the subject matter).
Letters only this time. This piece was made by Evan Roth. An animated version can be found on his site, along with other of his illustrative typography works... Including one on John Lennon, where 'John' is written over and over again. ;)
By Craig Ward. Another example where letters are used.
The Story of Lisa by pinkly. A perfect example of illustrative typography mixed with traditional and digital art, and it's telling a story.
Typography Days by desmes. Here's an example of a poster made with and about illustrative typography. *coughs* cover art *coughs*
In a Foreign Land by Werke. Here's a example where drawn art and typography are equally important.
By the wonderful elli. Here you have an example in context already: Sheppard and his Sheppardy words.

See tons more of examples...

Rules. What rules?

Writers, this means that in terms of length, it can be pretty much as short or as long as you want, from a group of words to a few sentences, a drabble, or your usual length fic. If your fic is too long to realistically fit within the physical limits of an art piece, then the artist doesn't have to use everything obviously. It's something you have to decide together beforehand, depending on what the artist feels technically capable of doing, and what you each feel inspired to do individually and as a team. There are no rules, only possibilities!

Artists, your production can take any form you wish it to: a cover, a graphic, a wallpaper,etc... in any media you want: digital, traditional, mixed, video... Above, I gave you a few examples of what could be done on a canvas, but what could be done with video is also incredibly interesting. Motion typography is really fantastic. See for yourself:
The embedded video was made by Jarratt Moody. Audio from Pulp Fiction.

Other videos:

'Lions Roar', The Hush Sound - by Mig Reyes and Matthew Born.
'Chemical Burns', Fight Club - by Sebastian Jaramillo.
'Key', Pirates of the Caribbean - by Toby Lewin.
Watch more...

If you ever wanted to vid a podcast, this might be a nice opportunity. Imagine all the stories you could tell!

Also, the writing and the art are so intertwined in this challenge that the writer doesn't have to be the one to come up with his/her part first. The artist can suggest a sketch, a visual concept and let the writer go from there. It can be a joined effort from the very start. It's up to you to decide how you want to work.

Well, that's it. I'm done talking. All the blah blah and examples above are your prompt. Let yourself be inspired and most of all have fun!

Challenge closes July 1st around 5pm CEST. (?)

Quick FAQ: 1. There's no deadline for entering the challenge. 2. You can post your work as soon as you're done, i.e. whenever during the course of the month. 3. You can enter the challenge twice as long as it's with a different person. 4. Artist and writer can post their work in their respective ljs, but both links have to be in the same post in the community. 5. You can pimp your work in other communities as well. (Read more...)

When posting, make sure you follow the posting and tagging guidelines. You'll save Rodney's kitten from an awful death, but most of all, my time and sanity. Thank you.

Signing up: If you'd like to enter, comment to this post. If you're already in a team, tell me so. If you'd like to enter but don't have anyone to team up with, then comment below and say if you're looking for a writer/artist, or reply to someone else's comment saying you'd like to work with them.

Note: Signing-up is not final. If for some reason, you have to opt out, no problem. Just, please, please, let your partner know so they can find someone else. And don't hesitate to communicate by email to avoid misunderstandings!

Note2: I'll be gone from June 9th to the 23rd, so I won't be able to answer questions during that time.

ETA1: 2 artists are looking for writers: here and here.
ETA2: 1 artist is looking for a writer: here.
ETA3: 1 artist is looking for a writer: here.
ETA4: 1 writer is looking for an artist: here.
ETA5: 2 writers are looking for 2 artists: here and here.
ETA6: 1 artist is looking for a writer: here.

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