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Challenge 010: Reversed.

After a year-long hiatus, I'm re-opening artword. I promised lavvyan and smuffster that I would.

Before announcing the new challenge, I'd like to tell you about the few changes I made to the community. First, I modified a few tags and loosened some of the guidelines, so I invite you to go over the guideline and tag posts once again. Second, artword is going to be a monthly challenge from now on. Challenges will be posted on the first of the month, and will be closed on the last day. Teams will be free to post their work during the course of the month, whenever they're ready.

I hope that this long hiatus won't have lessened your interest in team work and the community, and that you'll enjoy playing again. :)


010 - Reversed
In previous artword challenges, the work process was as follows: the writer is prompted, writes a story, sends it to the artist, who then illustrates it. For challenge 010, the processus is going to be reversed: the artist imagines the story, makes a graphic, sends it to the writer, who then illustrates it with words. There can be an extra step where the writer sends the story to the artist, so that the words are actually written on the graphic/cover/vid, etc... It only works for very short drabbles or comics of course...

There's no prompt. Complete freedom.

There are no restrictions as to the type of art. It can be a graphic, a cover, a vid, a comic strip with empty speech bubbles, anything you want... And there are no restrictions as to the type or length of fics either. Challenge closes May 31st.

Remember that artword is now a Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 challenge, so SG-1 stories or SGA/SG1 cross-overs are welcome.

Please, pimp the new challenges in your LJ!

ETA: Please read the guidelines!


If you'd like to enter, comment to this post. If you're already in a team, tell me so. If you'd like to enter but don't know anyone to team up with, then comment below and say if you're looking for a writer/fan artist, or reply to someone else's comment saying you'd like to work with them...

Commenting here saying you want to enter is not the equivalent of signing a contract in blood. We all have lives outside of fandom, so it's ok to opt out if things get crazy. Let me know when you do, so that I can help your partner find someone else to team up with.

Once you're done, post both the fic and art in the same post (links can go to your respective personal journals), and remember to write a title and tag the entry. Feel free to post your fic or art in other relevant communities but remember to mention that it was done for this challenge. Thank you!

ETA1: There are currently 4 writers looking for artists!
ETA2: There are is currently 3 2 1 writer looking for an artist! Here, here and here.
ETA3: There's currently 1 artist looking for a writer. Here.
ETA4: There are currently 2 artists looking for writers. Here and here.
ETA5: There's currently 1 writer looking for an artist. Here.
Tags: 010 - reversed, admin, admin: challenges

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