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Challenge 010: Reversed. 
05/02/08 - 00:53
sga - feet in the grass
After a year-long hiatus, I'm re-opening artword. I promised lavvyan and smuffster that I would.

Before announcing the new challenge, I'd like to tell you about the few changes I made to the community. First, I modified a few tags and loosened some of the guidelines, so I invite you to go over the guideline and tag posts once again. Second, artword is going to be a monthly challenge from now on. Challenges will be posted on the first of the month, and will be closed on the last day. Teams will be free to post their work during the course of the month, whenever they're ready.

I hope that this long hiatus won't have lessened your interest in team work and the community, and that you'll enjoy playing again. :)


010 - Reversed
In previous artword challenges, the work process was as follows: the writer is prompted, writes a story, sends it to the artist, who then illustrates it. For challenge 010, the processus is going to be reversed: the artist imagines the story, makes a graphic, sends it to the writer, who then illustrates it with words. There can be an extra step where the writer sends the story to the artist, so that the words are actually written on the graphic/cover/vid, etc... It only works for very short drabbles or comics of course...

There's no prompt. Complete freedom.

There are no restrictions as to the type of art. It can be a graphic, a cover, a vid, a comic strip with empty speech bubbles, anything you want... And there are no restrictions as to the type or length of fics either. Challenge closes May 31st.

Remember that artword is now a Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 challenge, so SG-1 stories or SGA/SG1 cross-overs are welcome.

Please, pimp the new challenges in your LJ!

ETA: Please read the guidelines!


If you'd like to enter, comment to this post. If you're already in a team, tell me so. If you'd like to enter but don't know anyone to team up with, then comment below and say if you're looking for a writer/fan artist, or reply to someone else's comment saying you'd like to work with them...

Commenting here saying you want to enter is not the equivalent of signing a contract in blood. We all have lives outside of fandom, so it's ok to opt out if things get crazy. Let me know when you do, so that I can help your partner find someone else to team up with.

Once you're done, post both the fic and art in the same post (links can go to your respective personal journals), and remember to write a title and tag the entry. Feel free to post your fic or art in other relevant communities but remember to mention that it was done for this challenge. Thank you!

ETA1: There are currently 4 writers looking for artists!
ETA2: There are is currently 3 2 1 writer looking for an artist! Here, here and here.
ETA3: There's currently 1 artist looking for a writer. Here.
ETA4: There are currently 2 artists looking for writers. Here and here.
ETA5: There's currently 1 writer looking for an artist. Here.
05/01/08 - 23:46 (UTC) - Artist looking for a writer.
I want to play! I'm an artist, looking for a writer.
05/01/08 - 23:54 (UTC) - Re: Artist looking for a writer.
Oh oh, I will write for you!
05/01/08 - 23:53 (UTC) - Writer, looking for artist :)
I definitely want to play! This looks like loads of fun :)

I'm also new and shy, so I might not go actively looking for a team >.>
05/02/08 - 03:22 (UTC) - Re: Writer, looking for artist :)
I'd totally do art for you. :) If you want that is.

(Also, there's no reason for us be new and shy seeing as you've already seen some of my work and vice versa...)
05/02/08 - 00:05 (UTC) - Writer looking for artist!
Oh I would like to play - I'm a writer looking for an artist.
05/02/08 - 03:28 (UTC) - Re: Writer looking for artist!
Since there aren't any rules against entering more than once, I'd like to do art for you too. :)

Though only if you want me to.
(Deleted comment)
05/02/08 - 00:55 (UTC) - Writer looking for Artist!
Well, this just shot my "no more challenges for a while" all to heck! I am in such awe of the SGA artists that I couldn't possibly pass this up! I'm a writer looking for an artist.
05/02/08 - 01:21 (UTC) - Re: Writer looking for Artist!
Grabs you!!!
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
05/02/08 - 01:35 (UTC) - Writer ISO artist.
Wheee yay!

Caveats: Conversant in SG-1 and SGA, except for Carson. No promises on Jack, either, but I can go there. Like 'em, just can't write 'em.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
05/02/08 - 02:16 (UTC) - Writer looking for artist
Sounds like fun!
05/02/08 - 04:42 (UTC) - Re: Writer looking for artist
I'd like to work with you! :D
05/02/08 - 02:18 (UTC) - Team
Artist: pentapus
Writer: rokeon
05/02/08 - 02:56 (UTC) - Stupid question :D
Is the May 31st deadline for sign-ups or for the finished products?
05/02/08 - 03:02 (UTC) - Re: Stupid question :D
May 31st is the last day for posting the finished products. Teams can start posting as soon as they're done, anytime during the month.

Note: There's no deadline for sign-ups, though realistically, you couldn't possibly sign up on May 30th and be done in time.
05/02/08 - 03:26 (UTC) - writer in search of artist?
Oh, dear. I think I'd quite enjoy doing this if there's an artist out there willing to team up. I'm only familiar with SGA though.
05/02/08 - 10:17 (UTC) - Re: writer in search of artist?
oh, me too! I'm with you on only SGA, wanna partner up? (I think this is my only real documented fan art at the moment)
05/02/08 - 03:58 (UTC)
Artist: ileliberte
Author: miss_porcupine

05/02/08 - 04:28 (UTC) - Okay, now THIS is the last challenge.
Seriously. Probably. Until I finish one of the others. Really, I swear. *furtive looks*

Writer with no self-control, looking for an artist. :)
05/02/08 - 05:52 (UTC) - Re: Okay, now THIS is the last challenge.
Ooh, ooh, can I jump in and claim you? :D?
05/02/08 - 05:55 (UTC) - Artist
;> Someone want me?
05/02/08 - 07:23 (UTC) - Re: Artist
Ooh, why not?
05/02/08 - 09:49 (UTC) - Writer seeking artist
How can I possibly resist this?
05/02/08 - 13:22 (UTC) - Re: Writer seeking artist
Alright I give in, if you'll have me!
05/02/08 - 10:10 (UTC) - Team
05/02/08 - 10:11 (UTC) - Re: Team
05/02/08 - 13:31 (UTC) - artist
Seeking writer, if anyone's interested.
05/02/08 - 14:01 (UTC) - Re: artist
*snags you also*

*hopefully. If that's okay. ;)*
05/02/08 - 17:51 (UTC)
i want to play! a writer looking for an artist D:
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
05/03/08 - 10:52 (UTC) - Artist
Seeking writer x2. *needs distraction from uni*
05/03/08 - 11:40 (UTC) - Re: Artist
I think thisissirius is still looking for someone. See her comment here. I'll edit the post to say you're looking for a second person too. :)
05/03/08 - 15:20 (UTC)
artist: aesc
writer: dogeared
05/03/08 - 15:21 (UTC)
That just makes me insanely happy.
05/03/08 - 15:26 (UTC) - Writer!
Writer seeking artist. Likes: Long walks on the beach, John&Rodney, Ronon&Keller, humour.

ETA: I'm so pleased you're re-opening this!

Edited at 2008-05-03 03:27 pm (UTC)
05/03/08 - 15:33 (UTC) - Re: Writer!
I'd be totally honored, if you'd have me.
05/04/08 - 00:48 (UTC) - Artist seeking writer
hi, I am definitely in. Artist seeking writer (I do digital painting/drawing, for the most part). I suppose I could always have a stab at writing some fic but the results would almost certainly be an offense against the internet. Very new to the fandom though - SGA series 1-3 are pretty much all I'm good for.
Comment here/email me at badly_dubbed[at]hotmail.com if you like.
05/04/08 - 03:02 (UTC) - Re: Artist seeking writer
I'll write for you, if you want. I've never done this before (work together with an artist; writing I've done). It sounds like fun. I'm leaving on vacation and will have wonky internet-access after May 22nd, so it'd prefer to be done before then.

Is that all right for you?
05/04/08 - 07:40 (UTC)
I'm a writer and I would love an artist :)
05/04/08 - 15:39 (UTC)
Hi. I'm an artist. Want to pair up?
05/07/08 - 17:00 (UTC)
05/20/08 - 18:11 (UTC)
An extremely late entry (but we're working fast):

Artist: crysothemis
Writer: sheafrotherdon
05/20/08 - 18:20 (UTC)
Oh yay! This is exciting!
05/30/08 - 17:38 (UTC)
I'm an artist, I'll pair with a writer. Probably SG-1, Daniel and Jack.
05/31/08 - 00:15 (UTC)
I'd love nothing more than to help you find someone to pair up with, but since this particular challenge ends tomorrow night, it might be difficult! It can't realistically be done in less than 48 hours.
However, I will launch challenge 11 on Sunday. You'll be more than welcome to sign up for that one if you are interested. :)
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