January 8th, 2009

castiel 2
  • aesc

015, Escape Velocity, comic/collage

Title: Escape Velocity (a comic/collage in 5 pages)
Author: dogeared
Artist: aesc (comic)
Challenge: 015
Pairing: none (John-centric)
.SPOILER ALERT: "Escape Velocity" is set before the events in 5.19 "Vegas," so if you have not seen the episode and don't wish to be spoiled, do not follow the link!

.notes: dogeared picked out this photo from the Apollo 17 mission, wrote a bit, and gave some wonderful words to me to turn into a comic.

[He dreams of that sky, and two days later, he feels like he's still chasing it. That's the excuse he gives himself when he brings home a documentary about the last moon walk.]