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Trinity Mix - A Sonnet for Robert Oppenheimer

Title: A Sonnet for Robert Oppenheimer
Author: gaiaanarchy
Artist: victoriaely
Rating: Teen
Words: 14.000
Pairing: You could conceivably see this as Gen, though I prefer to see it as McKay/Sheppard with a side-helping of McKay/His Ego and Elizabeth/Power
Spoilers: Trinity, Sanctuary; Minor spoilers: The Defiant One, The Brotherhood, The Storm, The Siege, Before I Sleep, Letters from Pegasus
Summary: What if Project Arcturus had succeeded?
Poster credits:
Stock image from stock xchng
Caps by newkidfan - Trinity
Brushes by 77words

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A Sonnet for Rober Oppenheimer
Tags: 006 - remix, art: covers, artist: victoriaely, author: gaiaanarchy, fandom: stargate: atlantis, pairing: john/rodney

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