(Yeah, I know, dead comm for sadly cancelled show.) I noticed that some, if not all, of our group collaborations aren't on AO3, and I'd like to change that. (I mean for the ones I worked on, obviously I wouldn't post another group's creations) I would credit and link to all authors/artists.

I won't without approval of individuals involved. But if you use a different name, or aren't in fandom anymore, I'm not sure how to proceed. If you're cool with it, please let me know what your ao3 name is.

We had some great stories and amazing art. They deserve some permanence, don't you think?
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Hello everyone,

Since LJ is in the process of purging inactive communities, I'm posting a note to make sure that they won't delete this one and people still have access to the wonderful stories and pieces of art stored here.

SG:A has been off the air for quite a while now and I personally don't feel like putting new challenges in place. However, should one of you still feel up to it, I would gladly give you moderating rights so that you can breathe new life into artword.

reezy strip

Challenge 16, Change of a Lifetime, fic by ca_pierson, art by madeira

Title: Chance of a lifetime
Challenge: Artword #16: Colors
Color: Orange
Artist: matchsticks
Author: ca_pierson
Beta: darkmoore
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 16.902
Warnings: language (a little bit)
Genre: AU

Artist’s Notes: Thanks to ca_pierson for being incredible patient with me. You've been a joy to work with!

Author’s Notes: Thanks to darkmoore, you’re the best big sister one could want and generally just the best. Also, thank you so much for betaing this monster. Madeira, thanks for the collaboration and the inspiration.

Summary: Being sent to recruit someone for the Atlantis expedition wasn’t Rodney’s idea of a good time.

( Full image here. )

(Rodney looked nervously at the door. He’d been sitting in the rental car for nearly ten minutes already and he just couldn’t make himself get out and ring the door bell. This was going to go over so badly and there were a lot of things Rodney would rather be doing that afternoon than this.)
helen and kate

Challenge 16, Purple Sky Lullaby, fic by midvacent, art by newkidfan

Title: Purple Sky Lullaby
Author: midvacent
Summary: Teyla rocks her babe to sleep, and watches the sky.
Rating: Very, very G. :)

The sky is deep and dark and swirling like soup overhead.

Title: Purple Sky Lullaby
Artist: newkidfan
Character: Teyla

Edit: A link would help. *headdesk* sorry Mel.

Find the art here


My story for challenge 15, which never got posted is here:

Fic: Breath (Hold it till the screaming stops.)

By midvacent
Rating: Teen. Swear words and scary imagery.
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis.

Teyla sees nothing but the horizon, orange and burning.

Carry on...

Challenge #16: Shades of blue. Fic by darkmoore, art by tanzensiemit

IMPORTANT NOTE: The art to this story will be added at a later time, since my artist tanzensiemit has no internet connection right now.

Title: Shades of blue
Challenge: #16:colors
Color: blue
Artist: tanzensiemit
Author: darkmoore
Beta: ca_pierson
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Rating: R
Warnings: Not really. If you’re really nitpicky I’d have to say Character death since …um, one of the Johns *cough* is ascended. And you kinda need to die first to ascend. Oh, and mentions of M-preg. That's it!
Word count: Way too long again, aka 11855 words
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money made no harm intended, I do this just for fun.

Author's Notes: This is crack. Really. No way around it. And it was lots of fun to write. Please, please don’t take it too serious. Or better yet, not serious at all. Thanks go to my lovely sister, Cass. Who made me hold on when I wanted to give up. You’re awesome.

Summary: That’s what you get for not acknowledging the love of your life!

Read the story here
esspresso cups

Challenge 016, "Color:Blind" art by berlinghoff79; fic by neevebrody

Title: Color:Blind
Author: neevebrody
Artist: berlinghoff79
Pairing: John/Rodney
Challenge: 016 - Colors
Rating: fic: PG (swears) art: G
Spoilers: Slight mention of events of Season 5
Word Count: ~2,300
Summary: He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, unwittingly sending himself in a yawning violet spiral back down the rabbit hole.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Author's Notes: First of all, to my artist, berlinghoff79, thanks for taking a chance and asking me again and for another amazing piece of art. It is always a pleasure to work with you. *twirls you* And many thanks to my beta, quasar273, for her wonderful insight and suggestions.

Artist's Notes: I want to thank my ArtBetas for their helpful suggestions and provisions. You are the best. I also want to thank neevebrody for pairing up with me again.*runningtackleglomps*
marvel - purple barton

Challenge 016, Get Away, story by sabinelagrande, art by antares04a

Title: Get Away
Author: sabinelagrande
Artist: antares04a
Summary: A mission off world shows Rodney more than he wanted to know.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: McKay/Zelenka, McKay/Sheppard

Click for full size!

Read the story and author's notes here!

Challenge 16: Colours - The Colours of His Life. Fic by Flubber2kool. Art by christinchen.

Title: The Colors Of His Life.
Author: flubber2kool
Artist: christinchen
Pairing: Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett
Rating: G
Summary: Carson reflects on the colours that have been part of his life.
Challenge: Challenge 016 - Colors for artword

Read the story HERE

click to view large

I would like to thank phenix00 for being my beta.

I would also like to thank my artist christinchen . She has done a really good job for me.

A/N The art is attached to this page. If you would like to leave a comment for the artist then please go to the link at the bottom of my story and that will take you where you can leave comments on the art. My artist also did a cover for this story. You will see this when you read the story.

This is my first time doing this so please bare with me if I have made any mistakes putting the story and art up on the community. I hope that you enjoy reading the story and looking at the art.

Challenge 016 - Beyond Roses, fic by danceswithgary, art by beet

Title: Beyond Roses
Author: danceswithgary
Artist: beet
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: PG-13 (see warnings)
Warnings: Suggests past/present child abuse and past miscarriage
Spoilers: Vague. Set between the events in 4.16:'Trio' and 4.17:'Midway'.
Word Count: 3350
Archive: Fine, just let me know
Summary: A chance encounter raises some ghosts from John's past.

Click for full-size at artist's journal

Credits (beet):
Many thanks to my partner danceswithgary for her suggestions and brilliant idea for a story! It was fun to work with you, dear. :)
Thanks also to oxoniensis and Stargate Caps for the screen caps.

Credits (danceswithgary):
I owe many thanks to my partner beet, who selected the theme from a group of possibilities I tossed in her general direction and then helped me nail down a plot in IM.