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Challenge 16, Purple Sky Lullaby, fic by midvacent, art by newkidfan 
03/08/09 - 13:11
helen and kate
Title: Purple Sky Lullaby
Author: midvacent
Summary: Teyla rocks her babe to sleep, and watches the sky.
Rating: Very, very G. :)

The sky is deep and dark and swirling like soup overhead.

Title: Purple Sky Lullaby
Artist: newkidfan
Character: Teyla

Edit: A link would help. *headdesk* sorry Mel.

Find the art here


My story for challenge 15, which never got posted is here:

Fic: Breath (Hold it till the screaming stops.)

By midvacent
Rating: Teen. Swear words and scary imagery.
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis.

Teyla sees nothing but the horizon, orange and burning.

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